Message to the Buyer

This message accompanies every inspection report by Macko Home Inspection.

The Building Inspection is being conducted in accordance with nationally recognized standards of practice and is for the purpose of identifying major deficiencies which might affect your decision whether to purchase. Although minor problems may be mentioned, this report does not attempt to list them all.


You are urged to attend the inspection and accompany the inspector during the examination of the building. The information you gain from this will be of great value to you. This report is a summary of that information.


It is important for you to understand exactly what your professional building inspector is able to do for you and what the limitations are in the inspection and analysis. The inspection is of readily accessible areas of the building and is limited to visual observations only. The inspector may not move furniture, lift carpeting, remove panels or dismantle any items or equipment.


An inspection is intended to assist in evaluation of the overall condition of a building. The inspection is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the building and its components on the date of the inspection. The results of this home inspection are not intended to make any representation regarding latent or concealed defects that may exist, and no warranty or guaranty is expressed or implied.


 Your Inspection Report


Throughout your report where the age of appliances, roofs, etc., is stated, the age shown is approximate.  It is not possible to be exact, but an effort is made to be as accurate as possible based on the visible evidence.


When any item in the report is checked "Satisfactory" the meaning is that it should give generally satisfactory service within the limits of its age and any defects or potential problems noted during the inspection.


This report is not a guaranty or warranty; we cannot eliminate all your risk in purchasing. There are warranty programs which may be obtained to insure you against failure of some of the major systems of your house.


Home buyers, after settlement and occupying the building, sometimes overlook important information and warnings contained in their reports. This can result in the failure of equipment or other damage which could have been prevented if the inspector's advice and recommendations had been followed. After occupancy, all buildings will have some defects which are not identified in the inspection report. If a serious problem occurs that you feel the report did not give you a sufficient warning of, call the inspector. A phone consultation may be helpful to you in deciding what corrective measures to take and the inspector may be able to advise you in assessing proposals offered by contractors for remedying the problem.


Please consult your inspector before you engage a contractor to correct a problem defect. Unless prior consultation occurs, the company cannot assist you further.